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ADC Open Session

TITLE: Agri-Tech Masterclass - Unlocking the Wealth of African Agribusiness

DATE: 20 November 2023, 3:15pm-5pm

VENUE: African Agri Investment Indaba, Cape Town International Convention Centre 2, Cape Town

The objective of the session is to provide African project developers, financiers and Governments with an overview of the world-class technology and expertise available from South Africa to empower the farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs of Africa to fast-trac commercial development, increase local food production and support sustainable rural development.

The one-stop/turn-key development partnership offering of the ADC Africa Group will also be unpacked.


15:15 - 15:25 Moderator opening - welcomes participants, introduces panelists and reviews session agenda.

15:25 -15:55 Overview of the World-class Technology Offering of South Africa

Master of Agribusiness Technology – Setting the Scene

Hennie van der Merwe, CEO, Agribusiness Development Corporation

Agro-processing Technologies driving entrepreneurship & development –

Showcasin appropriate opportunities in food, feed & fibre value-addition

Peter Vermaak, Director, Elead Processing Solutions

15:55 – 16:50 Masters of AgTech – Some Case Studies

  1. Innovative covers, liners & storage solutions for agricultural and agro-industrial applications throughout Africa Caryn Formby, Founding Partner & Director, Power Plastics

  2. End of line fruit packaging machinery designed, developed and manufactured in Africa for the world! Charl Nieder-Heitmann, Founder & CEO, Gossamer Packaging Machinery

  3. Superfoods from African communities to global markets – The Masterful Empowerment Model Unpacked Guillaume Delaunay, Vice-President and Commercial Director, Biosylx

  4. From Bana Grass to Energy, Feed & Food – An integrated approach to unlock the Green Energy Opportunity Russell Upneck, Chairman & CEO, Bio Energy Resources:

  5. Ultra-Oxygen Micro- & Ultrafine Bubble Technology Cultivating Transformation and Driving the Agro-Industrial Revolution Heindre Rademan, Founder & CEO, Soldevco

15:50 – 17:00 Q&A and Closing Remarks


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