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Investment Discovery Sessions: Catalyzing Growth at the 2023 African Agri Investment Indaba

Cape Town, South Africa – At the 2023 African Agri Investment Indaba, hosted in the Cape Town International Convention Center, a notable element was the Investment Discovery Sessions (IDS). These sessions, designed to bridge the gap between agrifood project owners and potential investors, have become a focal point for showcasing innovative agricultural projects and facilitating strategic investments.

IDS: A Platform for Connection and Growth

The IDS sessions at the Indaba offered a unique opportunity for agrifood project owners to present their projects to investors. This initiative aimed to provide visibility and strategic positioning for these projects in the agri-food market. For investors, the IDS presented a curated selection of pre-screened, investment-ready projects, aligning with their portfolio objectives and offering valuable market intelligence.

Highlighting the SAFIN Session

One of the key sessions during the Indaba was "Accessing Finance for Agricultural Development: Smallholders and Agri-SMEs," hosted in collaboration with SAFIN (Smallholder and Agri-SME Finance and Investment Network) and IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development). This session focused on the vital role of smallholder farmers and agricultural SMEs in Africa’s food systems. Despite their significant contribution to food production, these entities face a substantial financing gap. The session explored innovative financing solutions and engaged stakeholders in discussions on supporting the agri-SME ecosystem.

Tempus Dynamics: A Success Story

A highlight of the IDS was the success of Tempus Dynamics, a South African company specializing in nutritional and supplement products. Tempus Dynamics, known for its lactose-free soy-powdered items and a range of nutraceutical cereals and beverages, secured an investor during the sessions. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the company's focus on high-quality standards, as evidenced by its operation from an ISO 22000 certified facility and various food safety accreditations.

Tempus Dynamics, a 100% female-owned company and a level 1 BBBEE contributor, has shown a strong commitment to expanding its network in both local and international markets. The company's vision to provide top-quality nutritional products at cost-effective prices aligns with the broader goals of the Indaba to enhance health and stimulate economic growth.

Despite facing challenges such as rising transport costs and raw material prices, Tempus Dynamics has maintained a healthy financial trajectory, with revenues projected to grow significantly in the coming years. The investment secured at the IDS is set to propel the company's growth, enabling it to overcome operational challenges and expand its market reach.

The success of the IDS sessions, particularly the SAFIN session and the investment secured by Tempus Dynamics, marks a new era in African agriculture. These developments underscore the importance of innovative financing solutions and strategic partnerships in overcoming the challenges faced by smallholder farmers and agri-SME. As the African Agri Investment Indaba continues to foster connections and growth within the agricultural sector, it paves the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future for African agriculture.


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