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Recap of African Agri Investment Indaba 2023 Day 1

In today's panel discussions at the African Agri Investment Indaba, experts in the field of agriculture and finance shared their insights on strengthening agricultural value chains. The panels, which included notable figures such as Hans Bogaard from FMO Development, Cheyo Mwenechanya from ZANACO Bank, and Michael Boakye from Ecobank, focused on the critical aspects of investment, technology, and asset finance in agriculture.

Cheyo Mwenechanya, Head of Agriculture Banking at ZANACO Bank, highlighted the transformative impact of technology in the agriculture sector. "Technology makes it easier to make decisions and narrows any gaps in the agriculture value chain," he stated. His comments underscored the important role of technological advancements in enhancing efficiency and decision-making processes within the agricultural value chain.

Echoing the importance of supporting key players in the sector, Michael Boakye of Ecobank emphasized the critical role of farmers. "Because the farmer is one of the most important players in the value chain, it is important to look at them as asset finance," he remarked. Boakye's statement pointed to the necessity of providing financial support to farmers, recognizing their central role in the agricultural ecosystem and the value chain.

These insights from industry leaders at AAII23 reflect a growing recognition of the complex challenges and opportunities within the agricultural sector, particularly in strengthening value chains through investment, technology, and targeted financial support.


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